Familiy Attorneys - Founding Partner - Nicole M Scott


Founding Partner

Attorney Nicole M. Scott

Attorney Nicole M. Scott is a Family Law Practitioner, currently servicing the Chicagoland area. Nicole has dedicated her career to family law. Nicole focuses on providing her clients with results through zealous advocacy and passionate representation. Nicole prides herself on offering her clients practical expectations while understanding their needs and desired goals. As a child who was the center of a strenuous custody battle, Nicole understands the need for stability and security within the familial transition process.

She also understands the need to have a transparent listening ear and empathetic heart during difficult times, and as such, is willing to be that person for her clients. Nicole uses her personal experiences as the foundation on which she practices law. With a number years of experience, both personally and professional, in the field of family law under her belt, Nicole is able to provide her clients with realistic advice about how to achieve the overall objective.

Familiy Attorneys - Of Counsel - Arthea Stokes


Of Counsel

Attorney Arthea Stokes

Prior to joining the NMS Family Law Firm as Of Counsel, Arthea worked as a Personal Injury Attorney representing clients in motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall, and wrongful death matters. Arthea also handled probate matters and guardianship estates. Prior to practicing personal injury law, she worked as a Divorce and Family Law Attorney representing clients in contested dissolution of marriage, allocation of parental responsibility, and parenting time matters. She has also volunteered as a Mediator in the Cook County Circuit Court system for matters regarding consumer and landlord tenant disputes.

Arthea is very passionate about pursuing justice and being a voice for others. Having gone through her own divorce, she understands the issues facing divorcing families and how difficult the separation of a family unit is not only for the parents, but especially difficult for the children involved.

Arthea works tirelessly and diligently as a fierce family advocate to arm her clients, and their children, with the tools and resources they need in order to successfully move forward into the next phase of their lives.