“Nicole is an excellent attorney. She is passionate about delivering results to her clients. Since retaining Nicole in March, She has worked tirelessly to ensure I receive child support and correspondence between my co-parent and is productive. Nicole has never let any form of communication go unanswered and is constantly providing feedback/updates. Nicole is practical, understanding families are coming to her during a tough time and in turn, she is respectful of clients time and dollar. Nicole partners with her clients to ensure they are comfortable with the process and results. I would recommend Nicole to families looking for results and for a lawyer who is committed to her clients and upholding the law.”

Latonzia Sanders | Current Client
NMS Family Law Testimonials - Latonzia Sanders - Current Client

“Attorney Scott is diligent, hardworking, caring, passionate and enthusiastic to help her clients in their times of need. I have the utmost confidence in her law practicing and genuinely believe in her quality of care and service.”

Mubarak Malik | Colleague
NMS Family Law Testimonials - Mubarak Malik - Colleague

“Best Attorney ever! Very professional, very effective, She is always helpful and responds quick and thoroughly for every question you have! She was on a recent case of mine and I was going through this process for a year and she came on board and everything was completed in a month or two!”

Candace Smith | Former Client
NMS Family Law Testimonials - Candace Smith - Current Client

“This is a testament of what God can do. It was a bitter fight to the end. To God be the glory for the things he has done. Thank you Nicole Scott for representing Darius and winning the custody case.”

Robin Brownlee & Darius Adams | Former Clients
NMS Family Law - Testimonials - Robin Brownlee